French Bronze Sculpture (1885)

French Bronze Sculpture by Emile Pinedo

Year: 1885

French Bronze Sculpture. Arabe En Marche by Emile Pinedo (1840 - 1916). French, circa 1885. E. Pinedo was both sculptor and founder specializing in female forms and faces. His bronzes were consistently of the highest Parisian quality. Arabe En Marche - 12 7/8" high, is made of bronze with dark brown patina, signed and with minted founder's seal Bronze Garanti Au Titre, Paris. Seals, generally found on medium and large sculptures, are round metal labels designating the founder's "guarantee".

They came into common use during the last half of the 19th century, particularly in France. A figure bearing a seal, whether it be bronze or white metal, invariably is a work of fine quality. Seals are attached to or incised into the base of the figure, and they may be one of the following three types:
1. Solder seal - metal tag soldered onto base.
2. Hammer seal - emblem hammered into the base by means of a die, and has no metal added to it.
3. Minted seal - coin like, fine quality bronze disc pressed into a counter-sunk hole drilled halfway into the base.

This sculpture you can find in the book "Bronzes, Sculptors & Founders" by H. Berman, Volume 3, page 773.

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French Bronze Sculptures 1
French Bronze Sculptures 2


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